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Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its largest urban, cultural, economic and transport center. Over the centuries it grew to be one of the most historically interesting cities in Europe. Sarajevo is a fascinating, magical city that you will fall in love with on the first sight. A city where the western and eastern worlds and various religions and cultures meet, is an example of a city with multiculturalism and a pleasant atmosphere.

Although many parts of the city are interesting to visit, the most visited are the center and the old part of the city, along the valley of the river Miljacka.

The heart of Baščaršija, Sebilj is a famous square where one of the main city fountains) is and is always full of life. This is a great place to take a break from exploring and try the rich gastronomy of the city.

The Ottoman governor who ruled Bosnia, Hadzi Mehmed-pasha Kukavica, built the first fountain in Baščaršija in 1753. The fountain was moved to its current location in 1891 by the architect Aleksandar Vitek, who reconstructed it in the Moorish style. It is still the most attractive part of the city to the tourist despite many reconstructions during its turbulent history.

One of the most interesting buildings in Sarajevo region is famous bridge “Kozja Ćuprija” located at river Miljacka which held great importance in trade history because it connected the eastern and western part of Europe.

You can also enjoy a visit to one of the most beautiful towers in the whole regions called “Sahat Kula” originally built in 17th century and sustained several major fires. The clock on the famous towers was built and installed by merchants that came all the way from London,England.

The old Orthodox church, often referred to simply as the old church, was built in 1539/40. The museum has many icons, frescoes and other relics that were brought to Sarajevo from other Orthodox countries in the earlier period.

The Ferhadija promenade is probably the most charming part of the city, stretching from Sebilj, in the heart of Baščaršija, to the Eternal Flame in the city center. Ferhadija is almost always filled with people who walk, look at shop windows or talk casually.

The history of this great city is rich with important buildings and monuments that you must visit such as:

The National Museum is the largest, oldest and most important museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded in 1888. It is located on the Square of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Because of the unusual intertwining of different cultures and religions, Sarajevo is called the European Jerusalem and the place where east and west meet. This is probably the only place in Europe where you will see a mosque, a Catholic and Orthodox church, and a synagogue within walking distance of a few hundred meters.

The City Hall is the most famous building in Sarajevo and an architectural masterpiece. During the National war in 1992 the Hall lost 90% of the invaluable material and writings.

The nightlife in this vibrant city is stunning as it offers a perfect mixture of the famous Bosnian cuisine blend with influences of modern Europe and oriental flavors. We highly recommend you visit places like “Mrkva” and “Hodzic” which are the best places to try traditional meat delicacies in the whole city. There are many clubs that you can visit during the night but before you go we urge you to make a stop at “HS brew factory” which is one of the oldest places in Europe that servers beer regulary.

In the suburbs of Sarajevo Ilidža, on an area of 603 hectares, there is a natural monument “Vrelo Bosne”. The source of the river Bosna at this place forms several smaller lakes in which fish swim and swans and ducks swim, surrounded by a rich forest and other vegetation. Vrelo Bosne is a favorite picnic spot of Sarajevans.



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Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun Fact
World famous innovator Nikola Tesla has been born in Smiljan, Croatia.
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun Fact
Croatia has over 1,200 islands and inlets.
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun Fact
Croatia is the home of the necktie, locally pronounced “Krovata”.

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