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Split is the second largest city in Croatia and capital of Dalmatia, world known for its 1700 years old Diocletian's palace, the best preserved monument of late antiquity in the whole world.

To learn about Split, join our sightseeing tour with a local guide. This 1700-year-old city will fascinate you with its history, culture and lifestyle. The layout of the Roman Palace now outlines the core of the city, and today this is the place where people live, socialise and do business. From PERISTIL, the main square of the Place, you can visit the massive Substructures of Diocletian's Palace (open 9-19h April; 8:30-20h May&Oct, except SUN 8:30-17h; 8:30-21h Jun-Sept. Different hours valid on national holidays.), climb the Cathedral of St. Duje bell tower for amazing view of Old Town roofs and the nearby islands (open 8-19h) or enter the Cathedral (one of the smallest in the world) and Jupiter's Temple (MON-SAT 8-19h, SUN open around noon for Mass service;).

To leave the Old Town, take a walk along the seaside in direction west and after about 30 minutes you will get to the Gallery of Ivan Meštrović, world renowned Croatian sculptor with impressive collection of female figures (open TUE-SUN 9-19h May-Sept; TUE-SAT 9-16 h, SUN 10-15h in April & Oct;). 

A short 5 minute walk from the port in direction east will get you to Bačvice beach, most famous and for majority of citizens favourite beach, where you can watch and maybe join people playing a special game called ‘Picigin’. You will recognize it by men in tight Speedos flinging themselves over the water after a little rubber ball. 

Highlight of your morning walk will be a trip to ‘Pazar’- a colourful green market just across the port, and to scent full ‘Peškarija’ - fish market in Marmontova Street. 

Buy an original Croatian cravat (neck tie) at special ‘Croata’ shop at main square ‘Peristil’ or ‘Hajduk’ souvenir - Split football team adored by Torcida fans. Interesting hand made products can be found at the stands in the Substructures of the Diocletian Palace.




Summer 20-35 | Spring 2-25 | Autumn 4-22 | Winter -4-16

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Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun Fact
World famous innovator Nikola Tesla has been born in Smiljan, Croatia.
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun Fact
Croatia has over 1,200 islands and inlets.
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun Fact
Croatia is the home of the necktie, locally pronounced “Krovata”.

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