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Things to Do in Dubrovnik for Families

Things to Do in Dubrovnik for Families

Dubrovnik is without doubt the most popular city on the Dalmatian Coast, and it is no wonder that hordes of tourists are flocking to experience its unbelievable beauty. The downside is that the massive influx of people has shorn the city of much of its glamour and UNESCO had even threatened to withdraw its heritage status. Having said that, it is a place one should visit with the family at least once in a lifetime, lest you miss out on seeing some of the breathtaking sights in the world.




Dubrovnik is a walkable city, so it is best to stay within its four walls in Old Town. You might get better accommodation with a beach and pool in the outskirts, but that would involve extra expense in traveling up and down all the time. Mind you, Dubrovnik is an expensive city, and a trip with a family with kids can easily dent your bank balance in a big way, unless you don't economize.


What to do


Exploring the Old Town is the best way to begin your tour of Dubrovnik. Start with the back streets, which are just as beautiful and less hot and crowded than the main ones. Head to the Placa, or main street, only at sundown to enjoy the lovely setting. Cold water gushes down from the mountains into the city fountains, so be sure to quench your thirst as you will never find a better tasting public water anywhere on the planet. The 15th century Clock Tower at the end of the Placa, with the two bronze figures striking the bell, will keep the kids in the family entertained. The streets are full of cats napping on the plazas, something you may like if you are a cat lover. 


The best views of Dubrovnik can be had from the City Walls. It takes a bit of getting to because of the steps, but once there the scenes are awesome. The walls are two km long and exposed to the sun throughout the day, so head there in the evening. There are plenty of restaurants on the wall to enjoy a snack or a full meal.




Children in the family will enjoy the four minutes ride up by cable car to Mt Srdj, from where one can have stupendous views of the Old Town. The ride is expensive, but worth the price. Be sure to reach there as early as possible, to avoid the long lines. Wild horses roam around at the top and you can try and get a glimpse of them somewhere near the visitor center.


An unmissable attraction on the mount is the museum of the Croatian War of Independence, which is extremely suitable for children as it explains vividly about a war fought not so long ago, in early 1990 to be exact, when Dubrovnik was under siege.


One of the most must see attractions in Dubrovnik with kids is to pay a visit to the unique Dubrovnik Aquarium. Located near the harbor inside the medieval St John's Fortress, the aquarium not only offers a respite from the sun, but displays an astonishing variety of flora and fauna from the Adriatic Sea. As you wander through the underwater world, popular classical tunes will fill your ears as the children enjoy the company of seahorses and starfish.



A short twenty minutes boat ride from the harbor opposite Old Town lies the protected island of Lokrum. This spot is very popular with the locals also as it provides an ideal relaxing area among wild rabbits, peacocks and bunnies moving around. Against the backdrop of the dense vegetation, one can marvel at the historic buildings of Benedictine Abbey and Fort Royal. (Return tickets: adults £10, children 5-18 £2).



Family holidays can be amazing only once, when you have figured out a way for everyone to enjoy. If you were planning about visiting Dubrovnik with kids and were unsure whether you had made the right decision, we are sure that this post will convince you to go ahead. Not only is the 'Pearl of the Adriatic' extremely family friendly, the city has everything to keep even the grownups satisfied.






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Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun Fact
World famous innovator Nikola Tesla has been born in Smiljan, Croatia.
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun Fact
Croatia has over 1,200 islands and inlets.
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun facts Croatia Holidays
Fun Fact
Croatia is the home of the necktie, locally pronounced “Krovata”.

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